Two Maine Coons

Two Maine Coons, brother and sister, need a new home. Soon!

The two Maine Coons shown were dumped in a park about 7 months ago. One of the cats, who I name Gray-Boy, revealed himself quickly. The other, I call Stripey, is a female. She is not feral, and these cats were domesticated. But the dump shocked them so very much. I can pet and rub Stripey all over her body. When ever I feed them, I used my car to protect from behind. The traffic will pick up over the next two months. This brother and sister have separation anxiety so it is going to be very difficult to trap them. If I can trap them, they need to be adopted together. I need help but they need a new home. Their story will be in my next book, Purring in God's Ears 4. Send me an email if interested!

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