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About me

Dr. W.L Seaver is a retired associate professor in statistics from the University of Tennessee but has been an author and interim pastor for the last 25 years.

He holds a Ph.D. in Statistics, a MBA, and a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He is the author of over forty articles and seven books. He is also a researcher and consultant whose expertise is in finding patterns in data and Scriptures over time.

He uses this knowledge of patterns in writing and in working with cats and foxes. He has developed discipleship ministries with athletes, students, faculty, and the community church. He and his wife, Barbara, have three grown children.

Never was a cat person! I always loved dogs, and I grew up around cattle and horses in Texas. Even so, I allowed my daughter to have a cat, named Cotton. We had strict rules where Cotton could go and not go in the house, but my daughter loved that cat. The seed was sown!

Years later, the park near where we live had many feral cats that were starving to death because of some changes in the park with a restaurant and a new marina. As I started to feed these feral cats, there was a sense of appreciation from the cats due to the fact that someone cared and wanted nothing from them.

Their beauty, their unique personalities, and their walk in the wild gripped my heart and created a love for feral cats. They have ministered to my needs probably more than I have helped them. These cat books were written out of this love!

In addition, each cat is unique, and their story is powerful, especially when you understand the specific struggle each had with friendship, with bullying, with not being wanted, with abuse, and more. It took me some time to understand each cat, but God revealed the essence of each struggle and the biblical truth that applied to each. Is that not what each person wants: someone who cares? God does!

One of my key verses for life is Job 22:21, "Now acquaint yourself with Him, and be at peace."

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