Test Two at Marah

Test Two at Marah (Exo. 15 but mainly 15:22-27) (Bitter Water to Sweet)

Intro. (Num. 14:22)

  • 10 plagues
  • 10 tests (nasah)
  • 10 commandments
  • 10 names of God

Prelude and Praise.

Exo. 13:17, Jer. 2:6, Exo. 15:1—21, Exo. 15:13*, 2 Cor. 6:11-13

Problem, Prayer, and Provision.

(Exo. 15:22-25), Rephidim (Exo. 17), Kadesh Barnea (Numbers 20), and Beer (Num. 21),

Promise and Pause.

(Exo. 15:25-27)

Life Response

  1. When hemmed in on all sides, we are confronted by our own inadequacies and God’s total inexhaustible sufficiency (Elizabeth Elliot). Set your mind upon things above: the promises of God, the names of God, and the character of God. Wait on Him and His perfect time.
  2. Fear, anxiety, bitterness, and expectations make the corner worst and hinder or blind us in seeing God’s solution. To give praise and thanks to God is the counterbalance to bitterness.
  3. Each corner is really an act of God’s love toward us.
  4. God is in total control of our spiritual journey from salvation to sanctification to glorification. It is a lifetime with no short cuts in being conformed to Christ.
  5. God’s answer or solution to the same corner is not the same for we would be trusting in the method for solution and not Him.
  6. Other considerations: Bitterness, planning that falls short, restrained in our own affections, conditional promises, cultivate the daily habit of drinking from “the Living Water,” quickly forgetting His works and not waiting for His counsel (Psa. 106:13-15, Psa. 111:1-4).
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