Compassionate Eyes

Seeing as Jesus sees

In Luke 7: 11-17, it is recorded that Jesus approached the gate of the city of Nain as a sizeable crowd was coming out of the city carrying the only son of a widow. The Scripture records that "when the Lord saw her, He felt compassion for her and said ' do not weep.'" His compassionate eyes saw her past pain and grief over her husband, her current pain and grief over her only son that was stacked on the past, and her future options with pain, grief, and sufficiency and no one to help. This grief and pain is three-dimensional. It immobilizes and destroys an individual. Jesus saw all dimensions of situation. To see as Jesus sees, we must look deeply into the Word of God, walk daily in the power of the Spirit, give time to listen to the stories of others, and act as God wants us to do for the glory of the Lord. The more we practice a walk of compassion, the more opportunities there will be to serve the Lord. This Christmas pray for compassionate eyes for the needs of others are many!

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