A Legitimate Need

A legitimate need post

Grumblings (or reactions to unexpected {1-3)

  • Psa. 106:13, Psa. 111:2, 4, Phil. 4:11-13

Goodness and the Glory of the Lord (4-12)

  • Heard
  • Responds
  • Tests (nasah)
  • Disarms
  • Meets needs

Gathering of the Manna (13-30)

  • Seven rules
  • Two failures
Generation Reminder (31-36)

Life Response

  1. In the realm of legitimate needs, God allows the depletion of our natural resources, our reserves, and the natural means of meeting those needs to be the goad to drive us to trust Him more deeply. He nasahs us intentionally!
  2. There is no security in having much or having little but only in possessing more of our Lord Jesus Christ. Phil. 4:11-13.
  3. Complaining or grumbling tarnishes the Glory of God and blinds us to God’s perspectives. It also triggers more forgetfulness of Him, of His ways, of His words, and of His glory.
  4. God tests our hearts daily in the first-hand collection and assimilation of manna from the Word. Beware a collection for self leads to being puffed up but shared graciously with others in the power of the Holy Spirit leads to edification of the body and the disciples.
  5. Generation reminders!
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